A day itineray to TRIER, Germany.


Hey guys,

So this Easter has to be a holiday and a small trip for us. We 5 friends just decided last week to go on a car trip to Trier.Trier is one of the oldest towns/ city of Germany.For History lovers It is the birth place of Karl Marx, so you will find his house in the city center, as museum of now.

We planned to visit Trier by car as the road  to reach there is really beautiful which gradually passes by Eifel national park region.The morning we started our journey was unfortunately not really pleasant. It was drizzling and was really cold..and just raining..

After driving from Cologne we reached Trier in next 2.30 hrs with almost no traffic.As it was a public holiday we manged to get a free parking space and then decided to start our city trip by foot on a rainy day like this.Trier is easily reachable by bus and train also. If you guys wish you can also take part in a scheduled city Tour- which is basically a toy train  taking you to all the visiting places in the city center. This ride is approximately about for 2 hours and cost 10 euro per person.(Please I am not very sure of the price variations, if any).

Nothing could help us , except our hoodies as we forgot our rainy saviors back in home- Umbrellas- ” we miss u”

Lets..Begin………..!! We Started from ….



Untitled 2.png

This is one of the huge roman remains in the Trier City center . This is black huge gate made up of stones.Its UNESCO World Heritage site , built in later 2nd century.Once you enter this building on the right hand side there is the entrance from where you can climb up to 2nd floor , this is worth as it will give better insight of roman history and definitely a amazing  view of the city.The entrance ticket would cost 4 Euros /person.

Saint Peter Cathedral

st.peter 1

This is a huge dome of trier In the Middle of the city. A large part of this cathedral was destroyed in the world war with bombings and then later it was re constructed in 1974.But still the history speaks of its own from 11th-12th century.Its a highly peaceful area, with a small cemetery inside .On the extended part Church of our Lady and St. Paulinus’ Church are built along with it, with amazing beautiful ceiling paintings by Thomas.

Karl Marx House

k marx.png

This was the birth place of Karl Marx (1818).This place has been converted into  a museum full of history of Communism and various German writings.Audio and Guided tours are available , which are provided in small groups upon request.



This was one of my favorite, an extended shopping edition, not because I am a girl but this place was really amazing with almost every Brand of clothing ,food everything I could think of was here right within a reach of few steps.The unfortunate thing was that it was a public holiday, so we manged to do only window shopping.A break was desperately needed after lot of walking  in the medieval town.In the middle there is a spectacular Market Fountain built in 1595 and  lots of cafes and Restaurants around.We managed to have an amazing lunch here at Potacia..which was just yumm…

Roman Imperial Bath

imperial baths.png

This was the last place we visited as it lies in the southern part of Trier. This roman remains is also known as Kaiserthermen. It was the largest Roman baths built in the 4th century which is more of now converted in remains of a fortified castle.It has extensive complex of underground rooms and also  medieval hot water bath system.Just next to this place is the Amphitheater, which is worth a visit, a historic  monument from 100 AD.

Now it was time to pack up our cameras and lenses and walk back to our parking space. Fortunately the other part of the day was not rainy which made our trip pleasant.


We wish all the best for planning your trip!!!


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